Product Description

ITC Hidrocolor is a water based paint for indoor application, that can be used on new, old and already treated surfaces, that need an aesthetical, uniform touch and a high tonality of white.Its formula makes the paint particularly suitable for cement, lime and gypsum substructures, which require protections and good permeability of  vapors.




Preparation of support

•All surfaces to be treated with the material should be in a dry, very clean and stable state.
•Any grease or oil residues and non adherent parts should be completely removed from the surface. Any cracks, damages, porosities or irregular parts should be repaired with Italcol products.
•Before applying the product, apply a coat of ITC ASTAR or ITC ASTAR FORTE and wait at least 12-24 hours before applying ITC HIDROCOLOR paint.

Preparation of product

The product needs to be diluted in 10-15% clean water. Use a drill to guarantee  homogeneity.


Before use, mix the material with a drill to make it as homogenous as  possible.

ITC HIDROCOLOR is applied with a brush or a roller on well dried surfaces, previously treated with ITC ASTAR. The application method consists of two coats. The second coat must be applied after the first one is completely dried.


All working equipment must be cleaned with water before the product dries   up.


Consumption highly depends on the surface’s roughness and absorption properties, as well as on the equipment. In normal conditions, consume is around 0.3-0.4  kg/m2.

Important recommendations:

  • Do not use the product on metal surfaces;
  • Do not apply the product in temperatures lower than 5°C;
  • Do not apply the product on surfaces with more than 85% humidity.


ITC HIDROCOLOR is a water based paint for indoors, resin based in water dispersion and selected additives that guarantees high levels of coverage and white tonality.

ITC HIDROCOLOR sticks very well on all types of walls, mortar, lime and old paints in indoors.

ITC HIDROCOLOR protects the surfaces while guaranteeing an aesthetical, uniform and stable touch.


  • The product can be used on every type of indoor substrate, on mortar and cement, lime or gypsum based grout; on new and well dried surfaces, as well on old, regular, stable and not scratched ones;
  • The product can be used indoors, on formerly applied paints, well adherent to the substructure.


It comes in 5kg and 15 kg buckets.


Must be stored in dry places, between 5°C and 30°C. Keep away from heat sources.

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