Product Description

A two components, high-flexibility, cement-based, hydroisolation material, formulated to create a protective, waterproofing and leveling layer.



A 25 kg bag of material from component A is mixed with 8-10 liters of material from component B, adding the dry material to component B.






Mixing is done by means of a mechanical mixer with low speed until a homogeneous mass is reached. The material is used immediately after mixing, because it may dry out and become unusable. It is recommended to mix small quantities of material.





It is recommended that this material be used together with the fiberglass mesh. This avoids surface cracks and damage to the system. During the application of the first layer, place the fiberglass mesh on the surface, and then completely cover the mesh with material. This process has a material consumption of 2 kg/m2.





A second layer, thinner than the first is applied to create a uniform surface and to achieve a better leveling.
Consumption for the second layer is about 1.5-2 kg/m2. Application is made through a metal screed, brush, or a roller. Second coat application is made after the first coat has achieved the necessary dryness after 3-4 hours but depending more on weather conditions.



  • Accompanying material to ITC HD 2 are: ITC 500, ITC 550 and the whole range of adhesives produced by our



For external and internal use on concrete surfaces but also on various mortars. It is used in terraces, bathrooms and basements where

a considerable amount of water is present. It should not be applied on gypsum, wood, metal or previously painted surfaces.


  • Surface should be free from oils and other
  • Surface of mortar and concrete must be clean and free of inert waste, high pressure water should be Mortar and concrete must be applied at least 14 day before the use of ITC HD 2.
  • Pores in mortar and “channels” in the concrete should be cleaned with water and then
  • The entire application area should be cleaned with All necessary repairs should be done several days before applying ITC HD 2.
  • It is recommended to clean well with water all the equipment used, not letting ITC HD 2


The item is packed in 25 kg bags, with a protective layer from humidity plus bottles for the B component.


To be stored in a dry place not more than 12 months.


ITC HD2 is subject to constant quality control from Italcol laboratory. Raw materials are also strictly selected and controlled. Products are certified according to ISO 9001-2008 standard and EN 1504 standard.

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