Product Description

A white cement-based fine finish, used to coat concrete layers or used as a second layer on traditional finish with a maximum thickness of 2 mm. The end result of the wall or ceiling will be smooth and very white, so it may not need painting. ITC GLET may be used in indoor premises which are dry and free of moisture.




In cases of old surfaces or traditional mortar it is advised to wet the surface beforehand. Application is   not recommended when there have been freezing temperatures the prior day. Avoid getting it wet because it may freeze  and damage ITC GLET.




Before using ITC GLET it is recommended to treat the surface with sandpaper in order to make it smooth and lower the consumption of material.





For each bag of 20 kg is necessary to add 7 – 7.5 liters of water and mix by hand or with low speed mechanical mixing (drill). Mechanical mixing time should not exceed 3 minutes and the mixture must be used within 2 hours. Occasionally remix the material with a hand trowel.





The spreading is carried out with a metal screed in one or two layers with a maximum thickness of 1.5-2 mm for each of the layers. It is recommended to wait until the first layer is dry so it can support the weight, before applying the second coat.





To reach the final levelling of the surface it is advised to scrub it with a plastic  trowel.





  • Product consumption is 1.5kg/m2, for a layer of 1mm.


This material is mainly used for external and internal premises for wall coating as second layer. It is  used on traditional mortar, but optimal workability and lowest consumption is obtained if used on surfaces applied with ITC 50, and also surfaces treat with ITC 175. It should not be applied on gypsum, wood or metal surfaces.


  • The application surface should be free from dust and Oil, wax and grease waste must be removed by wiping or scraping beforehand.
  • Wet the surface of dried mortar beforehand.
  • The material should be protected from frost and rapid  drying.Minimum temperature of use and drying of plaster is 50C.
  • Air out the area after the application until it is totally dry and avoid large fluctuations in temperature. During the summer, for surfaces exposed to the sun it is advisable to wet the material for several days after application.
  • Wait until material is completely dry before applying any paints on it.


The item is packed in 20 kg bags with a protective layer from humidity.


To be stored in a dry place not more than 12 months.


ITC Glet is subject to constant quality control from Italcol laboratory. Raw materials are also strictly selected and controlled. Products are certified according to ISO 9001-2008 standard and EN 998-1: 2010 standard.

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