Product Description

A dry, gray Portland cement-based levelling material with additives which enable very good spreading on the surface, long lasting workability and fluidity. A thin layer self-levelling material used to flatten irregularities of floors to be paved with parquet or tiles.


The amount of water per 100 kg of material is 24 liters. Mix the material with a drill with low speed until a homogeneous mass is achieved.




Large areas should be divided into smaller ones of 6-8m to achieve better finish. To apply the material, start  at the furthest point of the room and use a metal screed to spread it.




Depending on the layer and drying conditions to avoid the formation of bubbles on the surface, pass a dented roller through the entire material surface. Repeat the process until there are no air bubbles.

Let the material dry for 4-6 hours in temperature of 200C. Wait 1-3 weeks before laying other material, above the ITC FLOOR. It is recommended to wait 1 week from the application of ITC FLOOR before laying tiles on the surface, and 2 weeks for parquet floors.




  • Consumption is 1.5 kg/m2 per 1 mm layer thickness.
  • Use of the primer improves fluency of self-leveling It also helps the adhesion of the self- leveller to the substrate and prevents bubble formation, dehydration of the material or premature drying. Primer also gives it a surface hardness approximate with the material. Also it prevents the passage of moisture from the surface to self-leveling material.
  • Dry and porous substrates should be treated with two coats. Prior to applying each coat, primer should be It is recommended to wait 24 hours so the primer is completely dry before applying each coat of self- leveling material.
  • Excessive amount of water causes separation and precipitation of heavy inert materials and weakens the strength of self-leveling surface.


It is used on concrete surfaces in indoor areas, residential buildings and large warehouses. Large irregularities should be filled beforehand. It should not be used on gypsum, styrofoam or previously painted surfaces.


  • Substrate must be clean, free of dust, oils and other impurities that prevent Holes and leaks in the substrate should be isolated several days prior to application of the material in order to dry the surface before using primer and self-leveling material.
  • Surface repairs should be left to dry for at least 24 hours before applying the primer.
  • Light ventilation of the area is needed, but the doors and windows must be closed to prevent air currents for at least 3 days after application.
  • During the application and for at least 1 week following, the substrate and environment temperature should not fall below 10°C or rise above 25°C.
  • High humidity in the substrate and poor drying conditions prolong drying time of material.


The item is packed in 25 kg bags with a protective layer from humidity.


To be stored in a dry place not more than 12 months.


ITC FLOOR is subject to constant quality control from Italcol laboratory. Raw materials are also strictly selected and controlled. Products are certified according to ISO 9001-2008 standard and EN 13813 standard.

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