Product Description

ITC DECOR is an acrylic resins-based, pasty wall coating, for indoor and  outdoor applications. It is available in various grain sizes with scratchy (graffiato)-effect.

It is mainly used to decorate and protect walls, while evening surface imperfections. It can be used to protect and decorate any kind of building, even if previously painted.



Preparation of support

The surface where the material will be applied, be it a new surfaces or a previously treated one, must be dry, clean, stable and not humid. Residues of oil, grease and unstable materials must be eliminated. Potential cracks and damaged parts must be repaired. Porosities and irregular parts must be levelled with ITC 50, ITC 125, ITC 175. Apply ITC PRIMER and leave the substructure dry for 12 to 24 hours before applying ITC DECOR.

Preparation of product

The product is ready to use. If necessary, it can be mixed with a low speed  drill.


The product can be applied with a mechanic or plastic trowel on a surface previously treated  with a liner (ITC Primer). One coat of the product is sufficient. Anyhow, depending on the substructure leveling and the grain size of the material, ITC DECOR can be applied in two other methods:

  1. by applying two different coats of ITC DECOR;
  2. by applying a first coat of leveler (ITC PLAN) and, after 24 hours, a second coat of ITC  DECOR.

In both cases, it is important to apply the product uniformly in order to have an aesthetic surface. Use a plastic trowel for the finishing  touch.


All working equipment must be cleaned with water before the product dries   up.


  • ITC DECOR 1.5mm: 2-2.5 kg/m²;
  • ITC DECOR 2 mm: 2.5-3 kg/m²;
  • ITC DECOR 3 mm: 4-4.5 kg/m².

Important recommendations:

  • Do not apply ITC DECOR on wet surfaces
  • Do not apply in temperatures lower than +5°C or higher than +35°C;
  • Do not apply ITC DECOR if humidity is higher than 85%;
  • Do not apply ITC DECOR in case of rain, strong wind or under strong sun.


ITC DECOR is a plastic wall coating, with fibers and acrylic resins in water dispersion, for indoors and outdoors. The material also contains marble compounds to assure the scratchy-effect.

The synthetic fibers assure a better resistance during bending. The product is resistant to weather conditions, dust and sun.

The product sticks very well on all types of mortar, including traditional ones, as well as on old, adherent paint.

Besides protection, it provides the support with an aesthetical finishing.

ITC DECOR is suitable for indoor applications on gypsum surfaces, as well as on old, well adherent and dust clean paints. On very old paints, the absorbing status of the surface and the potential use of the liner must be carefully considered.


  • decoration of all types of cement or lime-based mortars;
  • decoration of walls plastered with Italcol products;
  • decoration of old, dry and adherent paints (please, evaluate each case accordingly);
  • decoration of concrete walls.


It comes in 25 kg buckets.


It can be stored in normal conditions. The product, properly closed, can be used within 12 months.

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