Product Description

ITC Astar is an acrylic-based resin in water dispersion material, used to create uniform absorption properties of the substrate, before applying the paint. ITC Astar and the paint build an internal or external system that guarantees wall protection from chemical aggression, UV rays and humidity in general. It does not affect the surface’s transpiring properties while guaranteeing high hydro insulation properties, not provided by other traditional systems.

ITC Astar is used as a primer on wall surfaces in general and acts both as a regulator of the substrate’s absorption and as an adhesion catalyst.




Preparation of support

Both, new surfaces to be treated or old surfaces patched with mortar should be in a dry, very clean and stable state.

Any grease or oil traces and unstable parts should be completely removed from the surface. Any cracks or damages in concrete surfaces should be repaired with mortar. Porosities and irregular parts of the substructure must be leveled before the application of the   product.

Preparation of product

Mix the product with water before use (1 part product and 2 parts water). Use a drill to guarantee homogeneity.


The product should be mixed before use. Apply the product with a roller or a brush. Protect from rain for at least 12 hours. Paint can be applied after 24 hours.


All working equipment must be cleaned with water before the product dries   up.


100-150 gr/ m².

Important recommendations:

  • Do not use the product on metal surfaces;
  • Do not apply the product in temperatures lower than 10°C;
  • Do not apply the product on wet surfaces.


ITC ASTAR is an acrylic-based resin in water dispersion material, with high penetration power. The product provides uniform absorption properties of the substructure and acts as a facilitator for paint adherence.

It helps in the consolidation of dusts of the surfaces to be treated.

The product is odorless, contains no diluents and can be applied in closed or less airy spaces.


  • use as a primer on wall surfaces, before applying the paint, in order to enhance absorption and facilitate adhesion.


It comes in 5kg and 15 kg buckets.


Must be stored in dry places, between 5°C and 30°C. Keep away from heat sources.

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