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ITALCOL is the first factory in Albania, which challenged traditional building materials, orienting the building market towards pre-mixed materials, which save time and enhance the quality of construction.ITALCOL factory includes a covered production area of 4,000 m2, in an area of 10,000 m2, 3 km away from the Airport Mother Teresa, in the national road Vora-FushëKrujë. The heart of the factory consists of two production lines, which combine modern Italian and German technology.The production lines are fully automated, connected to independent aspiration systems to meet European standards of environmental conservation. Included in ITALCOL factory are also warehouses and storage premises for raw materials to ensure the preservation of products in optimal conditions.
These investments, together with the objective to contribute to the Albanian construction industry with modern construction materials, have led to ISO 9001 quality certification, recognized in all European markets.

ITALCOL Products

ITALCOL offers a full range of building materials for interiors, exterior facade works, plastering, waterproofing, thermal insulation and beyond.


ITALCOL construction materials are dry, pre-mixed materials. To guarantee their quality, special care is given to handling the raw materials, and strict following of mixing chemical formulas.Raw materials include local Gray Portland cement (42.5R), imported White Portland cement (52.5R), as well as chemical additives of known brands such as Ashland and Wacker. Our laboratory checks periodically the quality of raw materials, as well as the quality of the final products obtained thanks to patented formulas.
Raw materials and laboratory

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Materialet e ndërtimit italcol mbartin çertifikimin ISO 9001:2008, i njohur në të gjitha tregjet ndërkombëtare.


ITALCOL is the winner of the 2008 International Quality Era Award in Geneva.





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